West coast home spots

Arrifana – many peaks, always full, surf schools and locals, vibes sometimes difficult, but good waves, watch out at high tide (beach is gone). Out of 100 people only 20 can surf. (6min by car) 

Monte Clerigo – good beach break, usually not so crowded, nasty stones in the middle – further right at the cliffs, good empty left, sometimes strong current, rather mid tide. (6min) 

Amoreira – difficult access over cliffs from car park – wooden stairs down far right, then through rocks, over river and to spot, Rivermouth with various peaks, mostly emptier than the rest. (8min)  


Odeceixe – empty spot, super nice beach and cool place, windy, sometimes runs quite well. Gin Sul was founded here and there are also bars with Gin Sul. (37min) 

Bodeira – several peaks as beach break, if big good point break right in front of the big rock, channel along the rocks, rocky, but strong left, mostly empty 

Amado – surf school beach, rocky at low tide, various peaks, partly beach break A-frames, full, huge car park, van life (30min) 

Cordoama – check both spots from cliff top – mostly a bit fuller, beach break, reef slabs, can walk well, rather full.

Castelejo – a bit emptier, fat left when big before reef slab with rocks and right on the other side with similar setup, when big challenge to paddle out 

Tonel – If nothing works, Tonel runs most of the time, can get crowded, within walking distance of Sagres, car park full=water full, several peaks on the stone, good channels behind the stone, many stones on the right side of the bay.

Mareta – average beach break in Sagres – mostly many schools, rarely really cool 

Zavial – sick point break and beach break – very steep, hollow and localized (54min) 

Praia de Porto Mos – various beach breaks – far west on the cliffs (not at high tide) is a reef plate with a good right and left wave. 

Webcam: check out MEO Beachcam for some live pictures of the current conditions.

There is a great variety of restaurants in the area.

Some of the best Surfspots in Europe. Go out & explore the waves.

From local bars to raves in the mountains and bonfires on the beach.

From yoga to horseback riding, diving, golf and many other activities. You can do a whole lot of different activities in the area.

Start from the house and you are right on 
the costa vicentina hike.

Local Markets, surfshops, pottery and supermarkets, you find everything you need.


more info

casa maresia

location: vale da telha, aljezur – algarve

house: 250 sqm
4 bedrooms / 8 people
3 double beds, two single beds, 2 babybeds and a baby chair
3 bathrooms (ensuite) and 1 guest toilet